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Ice Cream - Yogurt

Welcome to the DiningGuide service for the Monroe area. Please select one of the listings below for a profile of a place to eat in the "Ice Cream - Yogurt" category. To return to the DiningGuide Monroe home page, where you can search for restaurants in different categories, click on the "Monroe Restaurants" link, above and at the bottom of the page.

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1407 North 18th Street
318-388-5757 Inexpensive
West Monroe 204 Thomas Road
318-325-0400 Inexpensive
Dairy Queen Brazier
2899 Sterlington Road
318-398-9061 Inexpensive
Maggie Moo's
4700 Millhaven Road
318-322-0600 Inexpensive
Chilled Foods Inc
1407 North 18th Street
318-387-8700 Inexpensive
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Ruston Show More

Ruston 1100 Cooktown Road
318-254-8801 Inexpensive
I Can't Believe It's Yogurt
Ruston 110 Woodward Avenue
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